A Counscious Incompetence Phase

Reading and writing are very good to increase our knowledge and confidence. I don’t know why, in my country, school and college never push us to make a good habit. Students in America, they were pushed to write many essays, but they were asked to make simple essays likes about their dreams, about family, about their experience.

Some great books are made with a simple plot. They didn’t have to make something complicated to read. They made easy reading books so we could finish it in a day. They made simple stories, but theirs become a best seller in international. Wow…

“From a simple step to another great step.”

First, I thought that to be fluent in English I should try to write a serious essay. But, I know that’s a wrong idea. To be a native, I should learn like a baby learns.

When the babies try to learn, first they try to understand what their parent talk and do. Maybe they don’t know about the word they talked, but they understand what they mean. After that, the baby starts to walk, from words, into some simple sentences. They normally could talk after they become four or five when they enter the kindergarten. How they could talk in a formal way? They learn that from elementary until junior high school. But they mastered it when go to high school and college. No one could be a master in a night. Ha-ha…

I spent 4 years to learning English in an English course, but never spent a night to learn and practice. When I become 22, I understand that exercise is important to become a master in every part we want. Ha-ha… lucky me, to realize, even it’s too late. But late is better than never right? So I want to take small steps.

After I graduated, I realize that I lose many opportunities to have many experiences in life. I didn’t have three important things to be different with ordinary college students. First, I couldn’t speak English, I rarely read a book and I’m too lazy to write something. Ha-ha…

Its ok, I’m trying to serious now.

I just need to open my eyes, stand up from the chair, and get up from the bed. I have to pay my 20 years of laziness…

So, what will I do in this year?

  1. Learning English
  2. Learning French end Dutch from Duolingo application in my gadget of course
  3. Going to some seminars to update my knowledge

Bismillah.. 🙂


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