Self-Study Tips

Writing Challenges

  1. Write a daily journal
  2. Write a letter to an English speaker
  3. Make lists of the things you see every day
  4. Write descriptions of your family and friends
  5. Write a blog
  6. Leave comments on blogs
  7. Post messages in a chat room

Reading Challenges

  1. Read news and magazine articles online
  2. Do web research on topics that interest you
  3. Follow blogs that interest you
  4. Read newspapers and magazines in English
  5. Read books in English
  6. Read the academic articles in English

Listening Challenges

  1. Watch movies and TV in English
  2. Listen to music in English

Speaking Challenges

  1. Describe what you see and do out loud
  2. Practice speaking with a conversation buddy


Examples of Self-Study Activities

Weather you read an article in a newspaper or on a website, you can use that article in a variety of ways to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.

  • Read the article
  • Paraphrase and write about it
  • Give a talk or presentation about it
  • Record or make a video of your presentation
  • Listen to or watch what you recorded. Write down your presentation
  • Correct your mistakes
  • Do it all again

Reference: Barron’s IELTS preparation test, 2nd Edition


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