We went to Two Doors Cafe, an Australian style coffee shop in Sukajadi. We didn’t order the food because they sell pork almost for all their menu. We afraid they will use the same pan contain non halalthing, even we would order beef or chicken.

That was ok to order coffee. So I chose piccolo because I wanted to taste strong coffee, of course without sugar please. Keke ordered Affogato.
Firman, the coffee lover chose Macchiato. Aga doesn’t like coffee, so he tried to drink Mocha. But, After all, I think I prefer the sensation after drinking local coffee like Papua, Mandailing or Toraja coffee than any fusion coffee. Hehehehe

I can’t wait to meet them again and try another  coffee shop. By the way I miss terminal coffee and their delicious cheesy cane. Nyammmmmm


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