Hello Again ER!!

I’m on the night duty (again) after 5 days of hospitalization. Yeay. The smell of emergency room sticks into my nose. I prepared well before the war. I drank vitamin, I even ate plus drank a glass of milk before the night shift. I don’t want to lose again. Health is very expensive. Sorry mom and dad, I couldn’t take care of myself before. Huhu..

I never felt that sick before. Usually, a tablet of antipyretics and a comfortable sleep could turn back my wellness. But, several days ago I was too weak so that dengue virus infected me, hiks hiks. I promise to myself that I will exercise at least doing some walk for 30 minutes a day, eat healthy vegetables, fruits, and supplements.

Alhamdulillah, this is kind of reminder that I have to take care of myself more before taking care of some one else. And I should thank to Allah because so many people care about me. Alhamdulillah. I should spend some more time for visiting the sick. Insha Allah..


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