You Barely Talk

This story happened in my own mind.

“I just wanna thank you.” I said
“What for?” You curled your eyebrow, confused.
“For everything.” You still looked at me, so awkward.

I was born being a bossy girl. I thought that I could and I must get everything. And I want everybody to agree with me. So you just came, barely talk. You taught me that we should make our decision for us, not only for you or me. You make me happy irrationally. 

So you just came, and barely talk.
Once you said that everything is going to be OK. You just asked me a thing, “Learn well, so you could be a good doctor!”

So you just came and barely talk. For me, that is a very sweet compliment. I thought that was a sign that you believe in me. You believe that I could give everything and I could force myself to the limit because you know well that I want us to live happily together in Jannah.

Thank you, never asked me to become a beautiful woman who could touch up and make up in front of you.
Never asked me to be a good teacher for our future children.
Never forced me and said I should good in math and in another subject so I could teach our children.
Never asked I should be a photogenic so you could show off my beautiful photo.

Thank you for every compliment you gave. You did not critique my blurred profile picture, my stupidity, my shiny face after a long day duty.

You just came, and barely talk. You just came and always stay even sometimes we live apart. Thank you for believing in me, in us, even you never say that. You just barely talk and love me unconditionally. 


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