Hello Readers!

Thanks to all my readers. Hehe.. Likes Kurniawan Gunadi said, “setiap penulis punya pembacanya sendiri.”

My purposes to make this blog are:
1. To push me not to much write about private stories like I always write at my tumblr
2. To accommodate my passion in writing
3. To push me to read before writing, and try to include valid data,  the resources of course
4. A media to track that I have to learn, learn, and learn
5. A media that records what I’m interesting in

I saw, the most viewers post is about “Pertemuan”. I think people interested with the title and wondered that it contained about “love” or something. Hahahaha.

For now, I limited myself to write about love thing. Because now I still learn about “true love”. Wkwkwkwk.. I still make my connection with my Lord, Allah, because love without a marriage commitment is just like booking a ticket in traveloka without a payment. If you dont purchase it as soon as possible, somebody will take your seat. (clap your hand!!) hahaha.

I’ll try to write in English because I want to learn. I hope someday my family dakwah would go international. Hihi..

Allahu Akbar!!! 


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