Harley Inside My Head

I was falling in love with Harley Quinn since the trailer showed on YouTube, but I didn’t know that she is more than I imagined.

J & Harley

Joker and Harley Quinn

  1. She is kind of freak. How she could fall in love with his patient in mental hospital, Joker? Maybe she lost her mind after she met J. Who is the real psycho by the way? Haha..

  2. Joker changed her  with gave her the electric shock to hear head, SICK!!

  3. Joker asked her, “If you love me, you have to live.” Then Harley jumped into the chemical pool, freak. Joker jumped and they did chemical wedding. But I really love the way He thought. If you love me, you have to live. This is what every couple need to do. When you love someone, you have to live for her or him. This is what Harley did when she knew that Jocker died. She comes back to the fight, so sexy. When we love someone, whe should continue our life, no matter what. She pretended not to cry. :”

  4. I love when She asked for an espresso machine. She made a cup of coffee and read a roman novel. Haha

  5. Harley is really crazy, psycho. I thought she is diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

Notes: Please be logic and realistic. We should see clear and change our mindset about love. Never love someone who makes you bad, who makes you sad. One point that we should take from Harley is when we love someone, even he or she is not part of our life, just keep in mind that we could transform our love into the positive energy, to continue and make a better future. So melancholic :p



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