Love Is In The Small Things


by Puuung

“Hey, do you want to eat Indomie goreng? I will cook for you.” I love when he cooked and made a glass of milk for me. He said, “This is a compliment for you. Today, I want to serve you.”

I was so blessed to have him by my side. I was so thankful for every little gesture we tried to give each other. I was so happy because I found a person who eagers to learn, who loves reading the books. I also found a friend to eat together.

I’m happy with everything he did, when we picked me up at night, when he bought me food with the money he got. He took care of me well. He said I was so fat, but again, he bought me food and make me so tummy again and again.

The things he did in a week should be my booster for the next two months. But, don’t take everything for granted. I should be a better me because he deserves it, we deserve it. Some are happy with the diamond ring. It’s only need a plate of Indomie goreng to make me cry deep inside because of so much happiness.

I’m sorry because I want to eat a lot

I’m sorry for talking too much

I’m sorry because I’m so out of words to explain everything I feel

Would you like to be my world and grow with me?


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