Sharing & Caring

My Daddy always gives me another perspective about every little things in life. He talks much about sharing and caring. I never share too much with someone beside my family or my inner circle friend. Sharing too much sometimes reminds me about being left by the person I love the most. Then my handsome Daddy gives me an insight : “You have to share and make others happy.”

Give more, smile more, and make people happy.

I realized that I scared of being left, being rejected. I was finding it hard to open into the new relationship. Because when it ended, I’m not only loose one person, but also my new family. Of course it was a nightmare for me. Be grateful, because all of the past sadness are making a better me today. So, in the end, when I could meet the right person, in the right time, I would give him the best I could.

And I come into a new way of thinking, for now on, if I still breath I should take care of the person I love. All the things we have is just rented from Allah and Allah could take it anytime. So we should thank to Allah because we could live with a lovely family in this world. When the shit comes up, maybe it would break my heart into pieces. But I believe that the important thing in life is “Do the best and let Allah takes for the rest.“


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