Sunday I’m in Love

First, I walked about 2 Km for warming up. Then I ran 5Km with 7’43’/Km pace. Haha.. I was so stupid because I ran in a fast pace in the beginning of running. After 2 Km I felt so tired and almost stop my workout. it felt so good after I could run more than 4Km then I stop at 5km. I walked about 2.9 Km for slowing the heart rate. Hehehe…

Screenshot_2015-03-22-10-55-11 Screenshot_2015-03-22-10-55-44


My Workout History

I could not even run for 800 meters before. I almost fainted after ran for 3 laps in Saraga. After I heard that Mas Fasa could run about 30 laps in Saraga, I promised myself that I would follow him and breaking the iceberg.
I make this post because my best record is 24 laps, and I want to run longer and farther than I used to. I’m shy because I used to make an excuse to skip running. Hahaha.. I hope I could make the best record later.

My workout history:

Screenshot_2015-03-22-10-43-29 Screenshot_2015-03-22-10-44-56